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New Profile Posts

  1. EatMeReturns
    Skype me: eatmereturns
  2. furrer
    furrer Aurora
    I knew you wrote around 3 years ago. One day I just didn't feel like forum'ing anymore. Checked back to look sometimes, but that was it. It was a great time, hope life went in the direction, you felt like was right.
  3. Inside Sin
    Inside Sin MeisterX
    Hey man, if you ever get this, can you reply? or email me at desider101@hotmail.com?

    You've cut my website out of the loop haven't you :(
  4. darkone
    darkone kuvasz
    Come back old buddy.... I miss arguing with you lmfao
  5. Arvendragon
  6. sniper64
    sniper64 AcE_01
    hey ace, i know it's been a long time, but i actually didn't end up quitting the forum in the first week. haha, whaddaya know, hope you're doing well.
    1. AcE_01
      Lol, good to hear mate. Hope you're doing well!
      Sep 27, 2019
  7. rosetaile
    Hi friends
  8. tomjjlcu
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  9. AcE_01
    AcE_01 Simbob
    LOL nope.
    And I havent been on sc2forum for ages...wow they really changed this place!
  10. Fendi
    Fendi Aurora
    The Defiant? are you into Rift now? LOL!
  11. Simbob
    Simbob AcE_01
    Was just watching Husky's Baneling Mono-mono battles... Were you a part of that? lol a bit random
    1. AcE_01
      That is so random! I don't think I was. Husky is no where to be found now hey? He vanished from the Earth!
      Sep 27, 2019
  12. 1n5an1ty
    1n5an1ty MeisterX
    InExolNaeiTy charcode 123
    whats urs :D
  13. 1n5an1ty
    1n5an1ty ssjfox
    hey i won but i dont think ovie submitted loss
  14. overmind
    overmind 1n5an1ty
    madcowsteak and 416 on NA.
  15. 1n5an1ty
    1n5an1ty overmind
    yo whuts ur screenname/character code? :D
  16. sniper64
    sniper64 darkone
    hey, i haven't seen/talked to you in forever
  17. EatMeReturns
    EatMeReturns EonMaster
    It needs more quality.
  18. EonMaster
    EonMaster EatMeReturns
    Loving the sig :D
  19. Fenix
    Fenix EatMeReturns
    Mods post visitor messages.
  20. Stirlitz
    Stirlitz overmind