Map Showcase: Precursor - A tower defense / tug of war hybrid

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Map Showcase: Precursor - A tower defense / tug of war hybrid

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    Game Link: starcraft://map/1/230309


    Precursor is a 3 v 3 tower defense/tug of war map. It was inspired by and plays very much like Squadron TD, except Precursor offers no "down time" - theres ALWAYS something happening.

    This is a complex game. There is a lot of help info to explain things but it's just one of those maps that when you first play, you have next to no idea what's going on. Take the time to read.

    How to Play

    You start off by picking you're race, a prototype, and which musics you'd like to hear during the game. Each race has a their own special racial ability. Each prototypes is very different from the next, having it's own command that is preformed each wave.

    You'll be given a timer before waves commence. This is when you build you're towers. Each tower can be given 4 tower commands; attack (default), defend, assault, and counter. These commands are carried out to surviving towers once clearing the wave.

    Using gas, you can send summons, increasing you're income which is given at the end of each wave. The trick is to maximize economy while keeping leaks at a minimum.

    The goal is to kill the enemy's king, and thankfully Precursor offers more than 2 strategies of winning. With 6 different ways of summoning and picking the right tower commands, even the weaker team always has a chance of winning.

    Recommendations For First Time Player

    If you're playing Precursor for the first time, you will most likely be lost - even if you're familiar with Squadron TD. Thankfully players with 0 wins start with a bonus 25 minerals to help you out!

    - You're best off picking Reinforcer as you're prototype (Hydralisk) at the start. This adds an extra tower each wave to you're lane.
    - As soon as the selection screen is over, time to build towers! I've seen to many people not realize they need to make towers before the timer is over.
    - Don't make any workers this whole match. Just make towers and get a feel of the game.
    - There's a help button found top left of you're screen. Read it while after building towers.
    - If you're confused on what something does, EVERYTHING has a button on the unit explaining what it does.


    - Introducing an A.I that plays like the pros. FINALLY an A.I that isn't garbage. These guys WILL smoke you. Just add them in if you're tired of waiting for real players in the lobby.
    - An epic career system that not only records wins and losses but places you in ranks
    - 13 different ranks
    - Player levelling system
    - Unlock abilities and skins from ether amount of wins or from you're player level.
    - 6 different ways of summoning
    - Currently a total of 11 races; 6 of them being core races, and 5 mix and matches (custom race, etc)
    - Custom user interface.
    - Triple lane with you're team-mates or alone in the middle to catch leaks
    - Hire tower. A button on the top of you're screen that lets you hire towers outside of selected race, and even find hidden towers that can't be made from any other race.
    - Upgrades, upgrades, and more upgrades! Featuring 4 different resources to macro, there's so many options on how you'd like to spend you're hard earned resources.
    - 3 different lanes to keep track of. Precursor is very different from other tower defense games. When you clear you're lane, there's still 2 other lanes that enemies can come from.
    - 31 waves, with the last wave repeating itself and getting harder and harder until a team losses. Chances are you'll hardly ever see this wave.