Hive Keeper

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Hive Keeper

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    Hive Keeper is based on Dungeon Keeper 2. Both me and fragile played dungeon keeper a lot back in the days. This game is still in its beta stage. Lots of things still have to be added / fixed / tweaked but the game is there, and it is working! It really grasps the feeling of the old Dungeon Keeper games. A big thumbs up for the maker, Bibendus, of this game. Below are three links. One to Youtube where me and fragile review the game, second goes to a forum thread where he announces that his game made it to the highlight section of the Arcade in Starcraft II. The third link will be towards his own Youtube channel with game play footage of Hive Keeper. Give him some cheers if you like his work :)!

    The Hive Keeper review video:

    Hopefully you will enjoy this video of this Starcraft II: Hearth of the Swarm - Hive Keeper game. This video contains live gameplay footage of our first Hive Keeper game vs 2 CPU, wave survival. We lost because fragile fell asleep :(.

    Bibendus' YouTube:

    At the end of this video I added a bonus specially for the good ol' Horned Reaper times who, in Dungeon Keeper 1, more often messed your dungeon up than that of the enemy ;)..

    Also check out the official highlight video of Hive Keeper: