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Scorpius Company

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by XR-Ante[E], Nov 19, 2008.

Scorpius Company

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by XR-Ante[E], Nov 19, 2008.

  1. XR-Ante[E]

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    Alright, my attempt at fan fiction:
    “Help!” cried Spencer, one of Tim’s best friends, as he got dragged away by the Zerglings, “Don’t let them infect me!”
    “We’ll save you eventually!” shouted Tim, a marine with 24 years of training and 93 years of experience, “Stay strong!”

    As Tim and his best friend, Albert, walked back to their camp, they thought about all their losses since the company had been assigned to the planet. They thought something must be done about the Zerg.

    The Scorpius Company has been sent to planet Lego to defend the remaining of the Lego pieces from the Zerg invaders.
    “You are to defend this planet under all costs. The very lives of the Lego pieces depend on us,” said Commander Shadow, “You are not to retreat under any conditions, and we will maintain contact at all times.”
    The company was shipped via Dropship to Lego. Along the way, a Zerg Scourge ambush destroyed 46 of the 150 wraiths and 2 of the 30 dropships. According to this rate, they would last less than 11 days.
    As the company secured the economic bases and the bunkers, the marines are getting themselves prepared and up-to-shape for combat.
    The infantry is the heart of Terran combat. No land battles can be fought without a main infantry force. Although the individual infantrymen feel very insignificant, it is every one of their contributions that turn the tide of the battle.
    Tim, a marine who had 24 years of training and 93 years of experience, lives among members of the Negative One Squad. His mates include Albert and Spencer, two other marines, and Samuel, the expert on Zerg psychology. Every Platoon has at least one expert on Zerg psychology to help them. Tim loves music.
    Albert is Tim’s best friend in the squad. Albert had 24 years of training and 81 years of experience. They have been good friends for almost 40 years. However, most of Tim’s other friends are either captured by the Zerg and mutated, or killed by an enemy force.

    Every day, the Company suffers an astonishing 9% casualty. At this rate, the company would last only about 25 days. However, it is better than their earliar rate.

    One morning, Tim was getting up to do the Morning Exercises when he heard his walkie-talkie beep. The signal was to pull his Squad into battle on the front lines.
    Within 15 minutes, Tim, Albert, and Spencer arrived at the front lines totally dressed and equipped for battle. They brought along them a Matilda, a special type sensor camera, on each person’s chest outside the shirt. It is used to inform Samuel so that he could make observations and studies.
    As they battle, some zergs dragged Spencer away, and Tim’s squad was put back into reserves.

    Every day after the battle Tim spends some time dedicated to praying for Spencer. He prays to the Almighty God. On another one of the battles Tim finds Spencer fighting as an Infested Terran, and he loses hope.

    Within 3 weeks after Spencer got dragged away, Samuel sends a special secret package to Tim. Enclosed with the package was a letter.
    Comrade Tim,
    From my studies, I have found that this secret weapon could disinfect Spencer and repel the surrounding Zergs. However, this is only short termed and will be disaffective once the Zerg adapt to it. Use it only for Spencer and others you find nearby, and use it rapidly. After you utilize it, pull back and pack it.
    I am sure you know how to use this special instrument. It would look familiar to you because of your origins. I have enclosed a special coding for the secret weapon to use especially for Terrans because it is what sets them free.

    Best of Luck,

    Comrade Samuel

    Tim opened the package. There was a hard case inside. He opened the hard case. Inside it was a black object that was about the size of a submachinegun, but weighs about as much as three bullets. The black object had a stick along with it that seems like a rod-cleaner, but has Mongolian horse hair attached to it. Extending out of the black object was a cord with a plug. An accessory attached to the case was a battery with a socket for the cord. Its instructions instructed to charge it when not in battle, and use it in battle.

    Tim immediately recognized the instrument. He used to practice with it in his childhood, and it would bring back memories. He remembered seeing Spencer use the instrument as well. He decided to charge it that day, and keep it in the casing until he needed to battle. Once per day, he would practice with it to sharpen his skills.

    Albert received a similar instrument from Samuel. He also practiced his skills with it, and the friends would decide to stick together with the secret weapons. They decided to save Spencer together.

    Six days later, Tim’s Squad has been called to battle. Tim and Albert hurry with their hard cases to the front lines. There they spot Spencer on the opposite side, holding up his new sharpened claws. Tim takes out his instrument. It’s a black electric violin, and the stick is his metal bow. He has been practicing the coding, “Classical Music for Strings” for a while. Albert takes out his black electric viola, and takes out the coding “Classical Music for Strings”.
    Tim and Albert play classical music together like their life was on Music. As Spencer heard the music, his childhood was brought back to him and he got dis-infected and his senses back. The Zerglings around them ran away from the “terrible noise.” After they got Spencer back, Tim said, “Let’s never split up in battle again.”
    “Yeah, we should always stick together in battle,” replied Spencer.

    The power of Music re-united the friends. However, they decide to die together as well.

    Tim, Albert, and Spencer died in battle in 6 weeks while playing the electric string instruments. The Zergs took over planet Lego because of how the Terrans failed to reinforce the Scorpius Company.