Starcraft/eSports documentary "Meta: The Culture of IPL" now online

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Starcraft/eSports documentary "Meta: The Culture of IPL" now online

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    Back at IPL3, i got the opportunity to work on a documentary covering the event. After a long effort of post-production, distribution and a festival run, it has finally been made available online.

    You can check out the film at for a digital download with bonus content.

    Thanks to everyone in the SC2 community. I started working on the film as I wanted to give back to the community. I love the game and the general community. Everyone has been so amazing.

    I decided to focus on the people behind the scenes rather than on the players, as these people often do not get the credit they deserve.

    The film has been viewed by over 5000 people in 110 countries.

    I hope you all enjoy.

    What's being said about the film:

    "...this simply isn’t just about a bunch of nerds freaking out over their favorite games."
    -ESFI World

    "...a time capsule to show future generations how spectacular this era was."
    -Rogue Cinema

    "...fascinating and engrossing..."
    -Cinema Crazed
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