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The Commander

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Shadow[E], Jun 15, 2008.

The Commander

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Shadow[E], Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Shadow[E]

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    May 22, 2008
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    *This is a story of the TFS-Sara. Her Orders. She carries 575 souls on board."

    From: Head Quarters
    To: Captain Spears

    Orders: You are to Intercept a ship by the name Apollo before she bring the war to the outskirt Planets. Take her dead or alive.

    ~Admiral Huey

    A sailor was making his watch. He was in his uniform with his pistol at his side and a flashlight. He was moving about the engineering bay seeing if there was any trouble. He looked left and right, under and over. He made his way to the elevator where he seen another Marine at attention, he was on guard duty. The sailor continued further up. He was kept an eye on the sides to make sure there were no stowaways, or some other sailors or marines that may have "been getting high. It was dark, with dim red lights. The whole ship was asleep except for those on watch. He made his way to the bridge.

    He walked in and it was all bright, the bridge had all officers and a few sailors watching the comms and some marines who were on deck watch. The Sailor moved towards the Officer of the Watch, Lieutenant Stanley.

    "Sir, Engineering bay is all secured." Said the sailor.
    "Alright, please sound the exit bell" Said Stanley.

    The Exit bell was a sound that would be sent to through all the sleeping quarters. It would signal that it was time to switch watches. Of course, if they didnt get up, they would face penalties. Some sailors and marines were going about moving from deck to deck and switching places with there replacements.

    The Battle Cruiser was drifting slowly in space. The OOW was looking on the screen. Space clouds believe it or not, was just smog from traffic from other ships. He examined it a little closer. And then thats when he seen a shape, it disappeared into the smog.

    Lieutenant Stanley stood for a second, he didnt know what to do. Could it be the ship we were looking for? Or was it his imagination.

    "First Class Evans, please scan that area for any ships or debree or anything that may be useful." Said Stanley.

    "Yes, Sir."

    He began to scan the area... Nothing.

    "Sir, the scans arent seeing anything" said First Class Evans.

    The Lieutenant didnt know what to do. He thought to himself. $hit... He didnt know what to do. The Lieutenant was 23, a young Officer. This was his first mission after he graduated from the academy. He didnt want to wake up the whole ship for no reason. Then the Ensign came.

    "What did you see Jessie?" asked Ensign Daley.

    "I am not sure, I think it was a ship, i only seen if for a brief second, maybe its just a trafficking ship." Said Lieutenant Stanley.

    They waited a few seconds, they wanted to see something happen then the Ensign said.

    "You are the Officer of the watch, you need to make a decision."

    "I..." He froze up.

    "First Class Jennings, wake the ship, we have a Code 5 Alert." said Ensign Daley.

    "Yes sir."

    The First Class got onto the intercom and initiated a Code 5, which meant, Unknown Vessel, possible Enemy ship in the vicinity.

    The next couple of minutes, all the ship came bursting to life. The Crew members, Marines and Sailors began moving about. They were running to the Gun decks located on the left and right sides of the Battle Cruiser. Some were heading towards Engineering and other places in the Ship. The whole ship came to life.

    He opened his eyes to someone banging on the door. He got out of bed and heard the Code 5 Alarm. He quickly got dressed in his Naval White uniform. He put on his Cap, and headed for the door, where someone was still banging on. He quickly got out and opened the door.

    The man at the door was Lieutenant Commander Ardel. He was waiting for Captain Jack.

    "Sir, we may have an unkown ship in the area. Please come to the bridge right away." said Lieutenant Ardel.

    "Right. Whats the scans show?" said the Captain.

    "It shown as nothing sir, but it could be cloaked under all the space smog." Said Ardel.

    They both rushed to the bridge where the bridge came alive. Then Lieutenant Stanley and Ensign Daley approached them. They passed the Salute.

    "Sir, Lieutenant Daley may have seen someone" Said Ardel.

    "Well, what did you see Lieutenant." The Captain asked.

    "Sir, 2 clicks left, in that smog, i seen a shape, but it was just a brief second." said Daley

    "Ensign, did you see anything?" Asked the Captain.

    "No Sir."

    "Well, you both did the right thing, go to your stations and await further orders."

    "Yes Sir" both saluted and walked away.

    The Captain looked once again.

    "Ardel, make sure the Gun crews are ready. I dont want another surprise."

    "Yes sir" He passed his salute and headed for the Gun decks on the Left side.

    The Captain looked again. His ship was already attacked once by the ship they had been looking for. He wasnt trying to get attacked again without doing any damage. He looked towards Colonel Mendev.

    Colonel Mendev was a Marine. He was in charge of the Marine detachment that was aboard the ship. He and the Captain went along way back, and both served together numerous times. When the Sara was commissioned as a battle cruiser, and Jack was required to choose a marine detachment, he chose Mendev's Marines.

    "Colonel, make sure your Marines are ready, If we have to board, we board."

    "No worries there jack, My Marines are always ready."

    The Captain smirked, and he looked back to the screen that shown nothing but space and smog. He kept looking.

    It was then that he seen some light instantly show in the smog. It was Gun fire! No Doubt it was the ship he was looking for... But was he caught off guard yet again?
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    Oh my gosh, so long, I'll read it later I promise.
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    in a glass case of emotion
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